Course unit title Science and Society
Name and e-mail of the lecturer

Anna Ivanova, PhD

Course code 20134050
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures, discussions, individual and group assignments
Contact hours 15
Course content ( maximum 700 characters) The course is designed to explore one side of the relationship between science and society – the influence of scientific discoveries to social reality. It is divided into three parts:
  1. historical – a brief overview of the history of formation and social standing of science in Antiquity and Medieval time, the effects of the scientific revolution in modernity and the technological revolution.
  2. theoretical – discussion of contemporary philosophical theories about the effects of science and technology on human nature.
  3. practical – discussing problems in the knowledge society and the characteristics of global science. This part refers to specific contemporary issues such as research ethics, virtual identities in social networks, environmental issues, health and medicine practices and bioengineering, AI prospects etc.
Assessment method Exam/Individual   or group assignment