Course unit title Psychological Research
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Prof. Elena Boradjieva, PhD

Course code 2007676
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures, discussions, individual and group assignments
Contact hours 15
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In the course of "Psychological Studies" students should learn:

- the essence of the research, the specifics of psychological


- the main approaches and methods of psychological research;

- the process of experimental psychological research;

- ethics in psychological research;

- basic methods for examine psychological phenomena.

Psychological researches - content topics and number of hours

                 Content topics number of hours
1. Research - psychological research (PI). Science and research. Empirical and theoretical knowledge. Nature and purpose of research. Basic approaches. Methods of psychological research. The PI process. 1
2. Researcher - personality and activity. The relationship researcher - respondents. Requirements behavior researcher. Influences relationship researcher - respondents (IL). Code of Ethics of the psychologist. 1
3. Non-experimental (descriptive) research methods in psychology -monitoring; case study; research (interviews, surveys, analysis of documents). 1
4. The experiment in psychology. Experimental psychology (EP). Entering experiment in psychology. Nature, subject and tasks of the EP. Principles of experimental psychological research (EMI). Applicability of EMI in practice. 1
5. Basics of experimentation. Basic concepts in the theory of psychological experiment (PE). Dependent and independent variable. Controlling the conditions of the EMI. Internal and external validity of the EMI. Defining the hypothesis dependent and independent variable. 1
6. Experimental design. Choice of experimental design. Basic types of experimental design. Experimental Design - experimental plan. Selection of persons for participation in EI. Aggregate - sample. 1
7. Structure of EMI - preparation and conducting research. Summarizing and analyzing the results 1
8. Testing - measuring. The concept test. Basic concepts in psychological testing. Types of tests. Characteristics of the test - reliability, validity. 1
9. Create test - requirements standardization. Standardization of test. 1
10. A study of intelligence. 1
11. Personality questionnaires. 1
12. Projective methods for the study of personality. 1
13. Methods for the Study of individual psychic phenomena - speed of response, attention, memory, thinking, emotions. 1
14. Psychological research employability of the individual. 1
15. Methods of social psychological research - content analysis, sociometric research group assessment of personality. 1
                                                                                                         Total:15 15
Assessment method Written Exam