Course unit title Philosophy of Law
Name and e-mail of the lecturer

Prof. Vihren Bouzov, DSc

Course code 200094
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures, discussions, individual and group assignments
Contact hours 15
Course content ( maximum 700 characters) The main aim of the course is to describe the present-day status of the problems and debates in the contemporary philosophy of law from an analytical point of view. Students should acquire knowledge of the most influential philosophical theories of law and of the nature of law in all levels of its being – normative, psychological, social, axiological and material. They should learn and be able to apply the rational techniques of philosophy to the subject matter of law – rational criticism, analysis of concepts and interpretation of texts and actions. It is also important for them to be able to identify, to express in a formal way and to evaluate validity of legal reasoning. Students should discern the difference between justified and unjustified legal argumentation. Philosophy of Law can clarify many complex issues; also it provides standards for rational criticism and evaluation.
Assessment method Written thesis