Course unit title Pedagogical (Educational) Psychology
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Assoc. Prof. Milena Brachkova, PhD

Course code 1998311
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures
Contact hours 15
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The course "Pedagogical Psychology" introduces students to the emergence and development stages of psychological psychology as a science. Students are introduced to the subject, basic tasks and structure of modern educational psychology; methodology, approaches and its research methods. The authors analyze the main types of activity - playing, learning, work and psychological analysis of learning. Presented are the psychological theories of learning and basic problems of motivation to learn and work.   Issues of formation of knowledge and skills in training and education are discussed. Discuss specifics of pedagogical communication and relationships using reinforcements in the learning process. Special emphasis on psychological and pedagogical problems of education of children with special educational needs, children at risk and children with gifts and talents. The specifics of pedagogical activity and personality of the teacher and how to cope with occupational stress.

Assessment method Exam/Individual or group assignment