Course unit title Old Testament
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Assist. Prof. Stefka Petrova Kancheva

Course code 20134773
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures, discussions, individual and group assignments
Contact hours 15
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The course is addressed to students of theology, history and art. It focuses on the Old Testament exegesis reviled in the worship of Orthodox Church, the connection between the Scripture and Tradition, and its reflection in the church art (frescoes, icons and medieval miniatures).

The course presents important foundations, which give the students the possibility to realize the Orthodox worship-Old Testament connection, and to realize the importance of the Old Testament not only for the Jewish community, but for Christians too.

The Eastern Orthodox Church uses in its worship various languages, but in spite of this there is one fundamental liturgical language. This is the language of Holy Scripture. In order to understand Eastern Orthodox worship and art one first has to study its biblical roots. The Scripture is the key for understanding the liturgy and the liturgy is a living explanation of the Scripture.

Assessment method 30% - presence and participation; 70% a presentation on a relevant topic.