Course unit title Patrology
Name and e-mail of the lecturer Assoc. prof. Dr. Y. Ganchev Velikov,
Course code 2000107
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures, small-group discussions for dialogic reflection on key points of the topics, presentations of assignments which require the students to study select authors.
Contact hours 15
Course content ( maximum 700 characters) The course in Patrology has the overall aim to introduce the students to fundamental texts revealing the works and the teaching of the Church Fathers, Teachers and Writers (I-VIII century). By the end of the course, learners will become acquainted with the florilegium, through the historical enlightening and analysis of the writings of the Church Fathers. Students will understand the major arguments and controversies in the era of the Christian authors and their relevance today.
Assessment method Participation in class (20%), presentations on the assignments (50 %), written commentary of select works of a Church Father (30 %).