Course unit title Archaeology and Archaeometry: Bulgarian Perspective
Name and e-mail of the lecturer

Dr. Tanya Dzhanfezova

Course code 20167632
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures, discussions
Contact hours 15
Course content (maximum 700 characters) Archaeometry – the application of modern scientific methods and technology to archaeological studies – has immensely expanded our knowledge about the past. This course is designed to provide an understanding of the main techniques and the results of cutting-edge current research within the broad field of the Archaeological science. Three core modules will introduce the basics in: 1) Absolute dating, 2) Bioarchaeology and 3) Analysis of archaeological material (such as obsidian, pottery, metal, glass, etc.). Selected topics include examples from the Balkan Peninsula, mainly Bulgaria, and cover broad chronological framework – spanning from Early Prehistory to Late Medieval ages. In a 'lecture-discussion' format we will examine scientific approaches, evidence and interpretation, which would train the independent analythical skills and interpretive competence.
Assessment method A short essay on selected topic