Course unit title Medieval Bulgarian Towns: Planning, Architecture and Social Topography
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Assoc. Professor Rosina Kostova, PhD

Course code 20167631
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures, discussions, individual and group assignments
Contact hours 15
Course content (maximum 700 characters) The course aims at providing a relevant and comprehensive picture of medieval urbanism in historical Bulgarian territory. The topics of lectures and discussions covers the ancient and Byzantine impact on townscapes in medieval Bulgaria; royal residential towns in the Early Middle Ages (e. g. Pliska, Preslav, St Achiles island in Prespa Lake); reshaping urban space in the time of Byzantine domination from the late 10th to the late 12th c.; Turnovo, medieval Bulgarian capital par excellence from the end of the 12th until the end of the 14th c.; headquarters of provincial governors in Bulgarian towns 13th -14th c.; minorities and foreigners in Bulgarian medieval towns 12th-14th c.; towns in medieval Bulgaria in a comparative perspective.
Assessment method Individual assignments