Course unit title Crusades and Crusaders in the Balkans (11th - 15th Century)
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Prof. Ivelin Argirov Ivanov

Course code 20167628
Learning activities and teaching methods

The course assumes no prior knowledge of, or experience with, academic medieval studies. It is open to all Erasmus students.    

The classes will be 'lecture-discussion' format, including lecture-style presentation of material, as well as class discussion of readings relevant to the week's themes. Primary sources (texts written in the Middle Ages) will be the main focus of discussions. Students should check the on-line syllabus website for updates or substitutions to the readings, as well as links to assigned e-resources. Participation comprises timely reading of the assigned material and active engagement in discussions.

There will be a formal graded short essay (1500 words). The completion of all assignments, on time, is mandatory for credit participation.

Contact hours 15
Course content

The Crusades continue to cast a long shadow over the history of the world. Recent political events have highlighted the enduring impact conflict between Muslims and Christians has had on world events. This course will contextualize the Crusades in the medieval Balkans by examining the following questions:

Why did medieval people go on Crusade?

What were the motives of the Crusaders?

How did the people from the Balkans view the Crusaders?

How have scholars interpreted the Crusades and their impact on the medieval Balkans?

Through examination of the historical debates over the meanings and significance of the Crusades, we will investigate methodologies and approaches to the writing of history, and learn about various aspects of the Crusades, Holy War, and medieval Christian religion and culture. We will be examining these questions, from the perspective of both the Western Crusaders and the medieval Balkan people.

Assessment method

Attendance / Participation, 40%

Personal multimedia presentation on a chosen topic/problem- 60%