Course unit title Social work with families and parents
Name and e-mail of the lecturer Katerina Zlatkova
Course code 20167617
Learning activities and teaching methods
Contact hours 15
Course content (maximum 700 characters)

Current course is aimed to give knowledge to students about theoretical and practical part of social work with families and parents to develop their practical skills and competences in working with families with problems and at risk. The content of the course includes definitions and concepts about family, partnership, and relationship in psychological point of view: connection, differentiation, separation process, triangulation, attachment theory, forming couples, conflicts, communication, family risk assessment, approaches and methods of family consulting as well as contemporary overview of international policies and practices for social work with families. The course aims to trace different approaches and methods for social work and support families and its members in case of risk and damaged structure or functioning. Course gives also competences of basic concepts related to main type of families according to its structure, functions, roles, elements and the entire family system.

At the end of the course students will be able to identify families at risk and to use interactive approaches to work with and support families and parents, to know dynamics of individual and group interaction with them.  

Assessment method