Course unit title Adapted Physical Activity
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Assoc. Prof. Stefaniya Belomazheva-Dimitrova, PhD;

Course code 2003124
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures, practical trainings
Contact hours 15
Course content (maximum 700 characters) Adapted physical activity is a social phenomenon which has an extremely positive impact on the community rising it to the ideas of humanism. Sport for people with disabilities represents a major way of socialization. Sports activities regain faith in life, awaken the desire for social activity of disadvantaged people. Šccording to its biological essence sporting activities stabilize the vital forces of the optimal level according to the individual abilities of the person and prevent complications at the same time developing uninjured and compensatory movement possibilities. Sporting activities strengthen the psyche and self-esteem of disadvantaged people. This program is intended for students in the field of primary and secondary school education, physical education, social pedagogy and social science. This subject includes essence, history, general theory and methodology of Adapted physical activity, particularities of inclusive physical education, sports classification of inability and other, sports and games for children with special needs. Activities related the holding of sports activities and the organization of sports events and competitions for people with disabilities is becoming more prestigious and causes serious positive public resonance.
Assessment method Exam - evaluation of practical skills and theoretical knowledge