Course unit title Teaching Methods
Name and e-mail of the lecturer Prof. Zhulieta Savova
Course code 2000122
Learning activities and teaching methods
Contact hours 15
Course content (maximum 700 characters)

The course is designed to meet the needs of students who are expected to acquire and demonstrate knowledge on both theoretical and practical framework of contemporary teaching methods used in the students’ classroom, on one hand. And, on the other, the course opens the opportunity for international students to bring and discuss the experience from their home country in terms of effective teachers and teaching methods they are using at their classroom. The course enables students to compare and evaluate both the potentials and practical use of modern methods such as: research methods, pairing method (group work methods), independent learning methods, project work, etc.

Course content:

Teaching methods – approaches and definitions

Interactive teaching methods

Myths and realities concerning teaching methods

Student motivation, de-motivation, strategies for changing of motivation

Management of student learning. Learning analytics

Competence approach. Innovative teaching. Effective teacher

Direct teaching – functions, methods

Indirect teaching – strategies, methods

Research methods

Group work methods

Independent learning methods

Project work methods

Teacher’s portfolio

Assessment method