Course unit title Educational Foundation
Name and e-mail of the lecturer Prof. Zhulieta Savova
Course code 20001
Learning activities and teaching methods
Contact hours 15
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The course is designed to provide students with a broader overview of important aspects of historical, philosophical, sociological and pedagogical foundations of public education system. The course examines major aspects of the educational foundations with a special emphasis on teaching a new generation of students, and broadens students’ understanding of the relations between society and education.

Course Content:

Historical aspects: traces of historical key players in education; curriculum changes during significant historical periods -

Philosophical foundation: philosophical roots of education; purposes of education

Sociological foundations: equal education opportunities; race, ethnicity, migrant children; school subculture

Cultural foundation: student diversity; inter- and multicultural education;

New philosophy of teaching to new generations of students

Effective teaching methods

New educational standards

Major trends in evaluation of students’ achievements

Assessment method