Course unit title Principles of Accounting
Name and e-mail of the lecturer

Assoc. Prof. Petya Petrova, PhD

Course code 20167625
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures, discussions, individual and group assignments
Contact hours 15
Course content ( maximum 700 characters) This course is an introduction to the basic principles of accounting theory and practice. Emphasis is on analyzing transactions, summarizing them through the use of the general ledger and reporting the results through the preparation of financial statements for use by the internal and external decision makers such as stockholders, trade creditors, banks, unions and government agencies.The course will give the students an understanding of the theory behind the accounting process and will help them make decisions in diverse accounting situations as is provides a logical framework for accounting practice. Topics covered include accounting principles, concepts and conventions; accounting cycle and business transactions; double-entry and T-accounts; foundation of financial reporting and classification of balance sheet and their interpretation.
Assessment method Individual or group assignment