Course unit title Fundamentals of Management
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Assoc. Prof. Nedko Minchev, PhD

Course code 20053165
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Lectures, discussions, individual and group assignments

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People realize that management is a science. Science suggests systematic development and verification of theories based on the study of practical behavior. Following the development of the areas of activity, research projects over the past 60-70 years turned the management into a science. The study of management requires analysis of a sufficiently long period of development. This allows the appropriate behavior in various situations to be chosen. Even in today's dynamic environment, thanks to the achieved successful results, management can be seen as a rapidly developing science. It could be said that management is art and science at the same time and can be considered from three points of view:

-as a scientific discipline, since it includes theoretical basis - management theory, principles, methods;

- as a practice, because until the appearance of the theoryn methods, styles of leadership and management of work processes, groups of people and countries were known;

- as an art, as far as the implementation of leadership and management as a field of activity requires a high degree of skill and craftsmanship.

Assessment method Individual or group assignment