Course unit title Economics
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Assist. Prof. Ivan Byanov, PhD

Course code 1998752
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Lectures, discussions, individual and group assignments

Contact hours 15
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Economics is a study of mankind in the ordinary business of life.” So wrote Alfred Marshall, the great 19th-century economist, in his textbook, Principles of Economics. Although we have learned much about the economy since Marshall’s time, this definition of economics is as true today as it was in 1890, when the first edition of his text was published.

Our emphasis on practice exercises and numerous, varied problems sets this course apart from others. Based on our experience, students need drill in order to internalize economic theory. They need to work through many problems that are tangible, problems that have specific equations and numbers in them.

Anyone who has mastered a skill or a sport, whether it be piano, ballet, or golf, understands that a fundamental part of the learning process involves repetitive drills that seemingly bear no relation to how one would actually execute the skill under “real” conditions.

Assessment method Individual or group assignment