Course unit title WEB PROGRAMMING
Name and e-mail of the lecturer Prof. Dr. Miroslav Galabov
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emiliyan Petkov
Course code 20167606
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures + Exercises
Contact hours 15
Course content Course provides students new knowledge and practical skills in the basics of developing sites and modern means of client-side programming on the Internet. Provides information on Web design. Detailed study languages ​​HTML, are considered the basics of Cascading Stile Sheets, JavaScript, DHTML and their use in developing multimedia Web pages. Consider the introduction of Java Applets pages. The students practice the development of sites of varying complexity by applying the studied technologies - HTML, CSS and JavaScript, installation on the Web - server. They must meet and course work assessment in which, together with a written examination test form a final grade.
Assessment method Individual assignment