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Prof. Dr. Tihomir Trifonov
Associate Prof. Dr. Emiliyan Petkov

Course code 20041837
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures + Exercises
Contact hours 15
Course content

This practice-oriented course examines Wolfram Cloud (a cloud-based development platform for computations, analysis, visualizations and programming) and covers the following topics: Wolfram language and basic functions; Computations, Data manipulation and analysis; Visualization and graphics; Image processing; Financial and social data; Programming; Cloud and deployment.

Wolfram Cloud is a computational system in the modern cloud environment, accessible directly in the web browser of the client with no installation or configuration required.

The platform contains the following features: libraries of mathematical functions; matrix and data manipulation tools; 2D and 3D data, function and geo visualization and animation tools; solvers for systems of equations; finite element analysis including 2D and 3D adaptive mesh generation; database collection for mathematical, scientific, and socio-economic information and access to Wolfram Alpha data and computations; tools for parallel programming and many others.

Assessment method Individual assignment