Course unit title Intercultural Competence Course
Name and e-mail of the lecturer

Assist. Prof. Dr. Neli Peycheva

Course code 20167612
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures, discussions, interactions, individual and group assignments, based on analytical readings of texts, interviewing, drawing of self-portraits, debating upon pictures and cartoons, illustrating cultural differences, viewing and commenting audiovisual material as well as culture-specific role plays, experiments with new attitudes etc.
Contact hours 30
Course content Throughout the course the students learn about cultural differences and develop intercultural sensitivity by participating actively and interfering as members of their own culture. As a result of attending the course they should gain new attitudes, points of view and also the ability to interact in new or less known intercultural contexts, led by a sense of tolerance and avoiding misunderstanding. They are expected to develop strategies of approaching complex or stressful situations, based on cultural differences as behaviors, different norms, attitudes and values of other cultures.
Assessment method Individual or group presentation.