Course unit title Functional Fitness
Name and e-mail of the lecturer Dancho Pandulchev, PhD,
Assoc. Prof.
Course code 20167609
Learning activities and teaching methods

Functional Fitness: Micro-lectures, discussions, exercising, individual and group assignments: performing FMS tests and prescription of exercises to improve the movement patterns, materials with exercises

Contact hours 15
Course content

Functional Fitness: This is a practical course focused on exercising of the basic movement models that we use in real-live, daily routine or sports and professional activities. The purpose is enhancing the effectiveness of everyday movements, improvement of posture and health, especially back health. Functional movement screen (FMS) tests are used to measure quality of basic movement models of students: arm patterns for reach and push, leg patterns for kick, step, squat and lunge, and rotary stability. We practice basic body weight exercises from fitness, Pilates, and Yoga for improvement of core stability, flexibility, strength, endurance, and stepping, lunging and squatting patterns. The students receive materials of some of the exercise complexes that they can use afterwards at home.

The course includes the study of the physiological effects of massage on various organs and systems in human body, study and application of massage techniques, studying different methods in medical and sports massage.

Assessment method

Functional Fitness: Individual and group assignments