Course unit title English (C1)
Name and e-mail of the lecturer

Marusya Hristova

Course code 20167598
Learning activities and teaching methods Task-based learning; practice; analysing authentic exam materials; discussions.
Contact hours 30
Course content

The course is designed to help students prepare effectively for the FCE. It offers practice in all papers of the Cambridge English First Certificate Exam: Reading, Use of English, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Task-guidance and up-to-date exam materials are provided. We cover a wide range of typical exam topic areas.

The basic methodology includes both accuracy and fluency-based activities, in-depth treatment of grammar and attention to all four language skills. The following areas are included: practice FCE tests; essential tips explain how to approach each task type and give guidance on typical exam questions; language banks offer students model responses for the Speaking and Writing papers. Students often work individually, in pairs and in small groups.  

Assessment method Individual assessment based on the covered topics during the course.