Course unit title Classical Massage
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Assoc. Prof.
Stefaniya Belomazheva-Dimitrova, PhD,
Course code 20081027
Learning activities and teaching methods

Classical Massage: Lectures, practical trainings

Contact hours 15
Course content

Classical Massage: The Classical massage is an interdisciplinary subject. The tasks of the Classical massage are improving and regulation of nerve processes, blood and lymphatic circulation and trophic processes in different tissues. The main mean of Classical massage is application of manual mechanical action on the skin, joint connecting tissues, muscles, blood vessels and their receptors in order. Classical massage is used as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent in various injuries of the musculoskeletal system and diseases of visceral organs.

The course includes the study of the physiological effects of massage on various organs and systems in human body, study and application of massage techniques, studying different methods in medical and sports massage.

Assessment method

Classical Massage: Exam - evaluation of practical skills and theoretical knowledge