Course unit title History Of The European Integration
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Tatyana Dimitrova, PhD

Course code 20063442
Learning activities and teaching methods Lectures, discussions
Contact hours 30
Course content “History of European Integration” is interdisciplinary and covers the following topics: Definition of 'Europe'; Opening of Europe and the demarcation of the continent of Europe; Europe in the New Time; Cultural integration of Europe in New Time; Europe as a cultural and economic system; Political integration of Europe: the history of European integration after World War II; Origin, development and characteristics of the European Union; Institutions, identity and values ​​of the European Union; Europe of the Regions; Europe - cultural integration. History of cultural integration after World War II; Initiatives European Capital of Culture and the European Cultural Routes; Integration processes in education (the example of the "Erasmus"); Social policy of the European Union.
Assessment method Individual or group assignment