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Contract № 2022-1-BG01-KA220-HED-000086899

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Training and education have significantly changed from the past. Recently educational systems were conservative, difficult to dynamize, slow to accept innovations. Nowadays we are adamant that the educators are increasingly expanding the tools to successfully develop the potential of each individual during every stage of education. Evidence can be traced in different directions: we apply a much greater variety of educational formats than ever before in the history of education - hybrid education, dual education, combined methods, techniques and tools for building and upgrading knowledge, skills and competences. The availability of various technological solutions in education allows the development of a balanced mix of learning tools through which to impart knowledge, form skills and attitudes in young people for the future. Stimulating innovative training and developing new educational practices is also the focus of the ongoing MELES BOT project (2020-1- PL01-KA203-081777), in which the partners involved in current project proposal are participating. As a continuation of our work in this direction, we are upgrading the tools in the field of teaching the challenging subject of entrepreneurship with a new one - video stories. However, the current project proposal is not just about filming video storytelling - it covers much more than that. The project envisages the transformation of a classic tool such as learning through case studies with the one combining active participation of students, teachers and entrepreneurs in the development, recording and learning by discussing options for solving a problem situation filmed in digital format. In essence, the project implementation will transform a classic learning tool into a new one, which will play a significant role in creative learning and teaching. Through its implementation, teachers will apply more engaging, inspiring and effective learning process, encouraging the acquisition of both digital skills and the development of creative thinking in students. The construction of a digital library with recorded video cases will allow the participating universities in the project, as well as the EU academic community (and not only), to apply and supplement with other cases the basis thus created. The availability of methodological guidance will significantly facilitate this process. All these actions will preserve our forests, using only the digital space for the exchange of digital video formats for educational purposes. Higher education systems are increasingly integrated in their efforts to build the skills of the future in learners. The project proposal encourages inter-connections between the participating universities by sharing case studies, transforming them into digital format (videos) and implementing this new educational instrument in their courses. That’s how we address the digital transformation i.e. our horizontal goal.

Project duration: 01/09/2022 – 31/06/2025

Budget: 400 000 €